Welcome to the ECPR’s Standing Group on Political Methodology!

All kinds of scientific research have to elaborate and to justify the way in which they generate knowledge. Over the past decade, methodology has been established as an important sub-field in political science.

Today, political scientists are requested to explicitly and transparently report how they achieved their results. In addition, academic publications have to justify why, how, and with which consequences specific methods were applied. Consequently, it is increasingly important to keep up to date with methodological debates and to exchange the latest ideas and techniques. Inherently, the demand for continuous methodological training at all levels is growing as well.

Our mission is to:

  • disseminate important information, to encourage cooperation, and to support initiatives focusing on political methodology;
  • promote methodological advances in the political and social sciences in Europe including comparative designs;
  • help building bridges across methodological designs and to support researcher to build methodological skills.

Collaboration is the key to achieving these aims. Thus, we foster collaboration with like-minded partners. For instance, we frequently set up special sections on political methodology at major political science conferences and workshops. We hold ties to other Standing Groups running under the ECPR framework, but also associations dedicated to political science research in Europe and around the world. We also have a close connection to the ECPR methods schools and training networks elsewhere in order to help researcher to build up expertise in political methodology.

You can join us and become part of the community. We need you to help us to fulfill our mission!

Questions? Drop us an email.

Your SGPM Steering Committee

Philippe Blanchard, Theofanis Exadaktylos, Lea Sgier, Kathrin Thomas & Jos Elkink